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Within A Leos Roar

Hair:Exile-Dangerous@Collab88 Jacket:Epoch-Zodiac Jacket@Suicide Dollz  Top:Ransom-Daydreamin Top@SuicideDollz Panties:T&S-My Goth Panties Shoes:Empire-Iris

Liberta Is Back!

So last year I did a post similar to this one. Its with great honor I get to blog for the Liberta again. If you don't know what Liberta is, it is a music festival sponsored by BRM radio and Bell Estate. The journey starts on the 19th of august and ends on the 21st, but there is activities on the sim right now so head on over! >>Slurl<<. For more information please visit!about-l2/jq10e 
My outfit consist of mainly Liberta Merchandise(Hat &Skirt), that can be received on the sim for free. There are many more items that can be gotten while attending liberta, Check it Out! My hair is from Little Bones-May & my top is from Miss Chelsea-Liza Top

It's LeviOsa Not LeviosA

Quick little blog post today, another will be released later on.Go grab your last minute items from this round of suicide dollz! 'm in love with this outfit, although its a quite relaxed type of outfit. Depressed, but want to look sexy will thinking during the night, or just waiting <3  Pose:Meow Poses-Depressed#4
Head:Catwa-Aisha Hair:Burley-Starla Bow:Dirty Stories-Emo Dirty Bow Glasses:Le Morte-Grave Digger Top:T&S-Levani@Suicide Dollz Shorts:Muka-Iggy Shoes:Breathe-Marlene

Don't Let Me Down

Hair:Analog Dog Hair-Proud Mary@Hairology Top:Villena-Crop Hoodie(Black)@Uber Shorts:Wonderlost-Addie Shorts@The Black Dot Project  Shoes:Flite-RetroX75

Just a Touch

Small post today! But, I'm in love with this picture and this simple, but sexy outfit.

Pose:Meow Poses-Lustful Pose 4 Hair:Magika-Love Song Outfit:Ransom-Fringe With Benefits@Suicide Dollz
Taken @ Whole Wheat

Just Passing By

Pose:Meow Poses-Lustful Pose#5 Hair:Truth Hair-Ryleigh Gloves:Real Evil Industry-Bow Leather Gloves Top:CandyDoll-Ashylynn@Uber Bottoms:Addams-Lixie Super Skinny Jeans Shoes:Reign-Taylors