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Into The Looking Glass

New blog post. Shocking? I know right. Lately I haven't had the "perk" to blog. For awhile blogging was something to do something I liked to do. But as time pass by many people just complain and complain about bloggers..Kinda a shitty feeling. Hopefully more post to come <3 

Shape:My Own~ Ella (Coming Soon To Sleepyz)
Skin:Atomic-Elf Catwa Applier//Sugar (Rare) @The Arcade Eyebrows: Just Magnetized-Perfect Eyebrows 7
Hair:Atomic-Howling Electric Gacha(Snow)Turtleneck:Catface-Itchy Crop Sweater
Jeans:Blueberry:Melanie Jeans(Stoned)
Shoes:Vale Koer-Tippy Toe Chucks