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Into The Looking Glass

New blog post. Shocking? I know right. Lately I haven't had the "perk" to blog. For awhile blogging was something to do something I liked to do. But as time pass by many people just complain and complain about bloggers..Kinda a shitty feeling. Hopefully more post to come <3 

Shape:My Own~ Ella (Coming Soon To Sleepyz)
Skin:Atomic-Elf Catwa Applier//Sugar (Rare) @The Arcade Eyebrows: Just Magnetized-Perfect Eyebrows 7
Hair:Atomic-Howling Electric Gacha(Snow)Turtleneck:Catface-Itchy Crop Sweater
Jeans:Blueberry:Melanie Jeans(Stoned)
Shoes:Vale Koer-Tippy Toe Chucks

Imperfect Ballerina

So this post is different then most of my post. I don't normally do pictures in black and white, but i feel like the black and white made this picture stick out more. It goes with the theme of imperfect. Black and white the balance between my imperfections.
Head:Catwa-Catya Hair:Blues-Crystal Makeup:Meow&Stuff-Ruined@Suicide Dollz Top:Ransom-Low Key Hoodie@Suicide Dollz Shorts:Evani-Liza Shorts Tights:Abrasive-Basic Leggings Shoes:Reign-Ballarina Warmers
Taken@Whole Wheat

Kitty Goes Meow

Hello ladies, and possibly gents ^^.This outfit was inspired from the kitty poses from meow and stuff. Upon making this outfit I fell in loveeee with it. Haven't taken it off in days <3. Hopefully my blog post start picking up <3 trying to get back in the groove of things hopefully you enjoy..Muah..
>Click picture to enlarge<

Head:Catwa-Gwen Skin:Egozy-Driana(Porcelain) Eyes:Meow & Stuff-Blind Eye Eyebrows:Just Magnetized-Perfect Eyebrows 02 Hair:Spellbound-Light That Match Ears:Magika-Neko Bloody Nose:Meow & Stuff-Busted Nose Body Scratches:Alterego-Omega Scratches Outfit:Pixicat-Thorn(Rope) Shoes:[CX]-Spiked Gladiator Pose:Meow & Stuff-Kitty Pose Pack

Touch Me All Over

Hey guys! New changes to my blog, I want to be able to go in depth with my outfits. So new look, new style.Hope you enjoy ^^  I got goodies from collab and some of my favorite stores in this look. Every girl loves her a boyfriend shirt. Loose fitting and super cute! Thanks to erratic us girls can look adorables, and comfy.

Head:Catwa-Gwen Skin:Egozy-Driana Eyebrows:Just Magnetized-Perfect Eyebrows Freckles:Cnz-Freckles Eyes:Buzzeri-Zodiac Eyes(Winter) Hair:Truth Hair-Ximena Oversized shirt: Erratic-Julia(Boyfriend Shirt)@Collab88 Harness(Underneath):Empire-Diascia Shorts(Underneath):Ransom-Thirst Trap Shorts@SuicideDollz Socks:Muka-Garter Socks Pose:Meow & Stuff-Depressed  Taken At Whole Wheat(Grandma's Attic)

Forgive Me, I've Abused My Power

Glasses:LeMorte-Grave Digger
Nose Bleed:Meow And Stuff-Brutal
Top:Foxes-Star Bustier
Thong:Muka-Wicca Thong
Skirt:Ransom-:Laced Pvc Skirt Platforms
Pose:Meow And Stuff-Catching Fireflies Pose #2
Taken @Whole Wheat

Within The Flow

Head:Catwa-Gwen Hair:Runaway-Enchantress @We <3 RP Chains:Aisling-Leona Chest Lace-Style3 Shaw:The Ugly & Beautiful-Moon Princess Shawl Outfit:Caboodle-Luna Shash @We <3 RP Feet Wraps(Cloud)
Pose:Sleepyz-Flow(Coming Soon)

Born A Princess

I made this post awhile ago, but was sorta away from sl. So here it is. I hope you  likes it <3

Head: Catwa-Aisha
Crown:Zenith-Rose Crown Hair:Exile-If Your Wild Outfit:CandyDoll-Aerissa Wings:Zenith-Guardian Of The Stars Wings(Cream) Socks:Atomic-Kitten Tights Wraps(Cloud)

Within A Leos Roar

Hair:Exile-Dangerous@Collab88 Jacket:Epoch-Zodiac Jacket@Suicide Dollz  Top:Ransom-Daydreamin Top@SuicideDollz Panties:T&S-My Goth Panties Shoes:Empire-Iris

Liberta Is Back!

So last year I did a post similar to this one. Its with great honor I get to blog for the Liberta again. If you don't know what Liberta is, it is a music festival sponsored by BRM radio and Bell Estate. The journey starts on the 19th of august and ends on the 21st, but there is activities on the sim right now so head on over! >>Slurl<<. For more information please visit!about-l2/jq10e 
My outfit consist of mainly Liberta Merchandise(Hat &Skirt), that can be received on the sim for free. There are many more items that can be gotten while attending liberta, Check it Out! My hair is from Little Bones-May & my top is from Miss Chelsea-Liza Top

It's LeviOsa Not LeviosA

Quick little blog post today, another will be released later on.Go grab your last minute items from this round of suicide dollz! 'm in love with this outfit, although its a quite relaxed type of outfit. Depressed, but want to look sexy will thinking during the night, or just waiting <3  Pose:Meow Poses-Depressed#4
Head:Catwa-Aisha Hair:Burley-Starla Bow:Dirty Stories-Emo Dirty Bow Glasses:Le Morte-Grave Digger Top:T&S-Levani@Suicide Dollz Shorts:Muka-Iggy Shoes:Breathe-Marlene

Don't Let Me Down

Hair:Analog Dog Hair-Proud Mary@Hairology Top:Villena-Crop Hoodie(Black)@Uber Shorts:Wonderlost-Addie Shorts@The Black Dot Project  Shoes:Flite-RetroX75

Just a Touch

Small post today! But, I'm in love with this picture and this simple, but sexy outfit.

Pose:Meow Poses-Lustful Pose 4 Hair:Magika-Love Song Outfit:Ransom-Fringe With Benefits@Suicide Dollz
Taken @ Whole Wheat

Just Passing By

Pose:Meow Poses-Lustful Pose#5 Hair:Truth Hair-Ryleigh Gloves:Real Evil Industry-Bow Leather Gloves Top:CandyDoll-Ashylynn@Uber Bottoms:Addams-Lixie Super Skinny Jeans Shoes:Reign-Taylors

Patiently Waiting

I recently got a new sponsor! I know I don't type, much but this blog is dedicated to meow poses <3 go check out her store. Currently on marketplace only! I love her poses 10/10 will be in most of my future blogpost <3 Sorry not sorry, Thanks meow for the opportunity. 

Pose:Meow Poses-Sensual Pose#3 Hair:Exxess-Siva Lip Drool:Arise-Lip Droll Tattoos:VileCult-#14(Rare) Outfit:Dead Dollz-Victoria Bows:Muka-Burlesque Bows

Into The Night

Hair:Burley-Kendall Mask:R3volt-Desiree Collar Outfit:Caboodle-Regal Assasin's Outfit(Rare) Underwear:Muka-Wicca Thong Shoes:Empire-Foxglove

Heart & Soul

Head:Catwa-Gwen Skin:Glam Affair-Olivia(India)[Exclusive]@The Epiphany  Hair:Magika-Harmony Nose:Random Matter-Sanza Nose Ring Bangle(Left):CandyDoll-Hamburger Bangle(Grape) Bangle(Right):Kibitz-Chara Outfit:Wonderlost-Olivia Boho Top & Skirt @The Secret Affair

The End Goal

Head:Catwa-Gwen Skin:Glam Affair-Olivia[Exclusive]@The Epiphany Hair:Blues-Nori Glasses:Moon Elixir-Coven(18)Glasses Collar:Kibitz-Spiked Collar(2)@The Epiphany Gloves:Real Evil Industry-Bow Leather Gloves Top:Tales&Stories-Lazy Top@SuicideDollz Leggings:Abrasive-Strap Leggings(Tattered) Shoes:Reign-Thigh High Sneakers(Spooks-Crosses)


Head:Catwa-Aisha Skin:Egozy-Katniss(Porcelain) Hair:RunAway-Jill Tattoo:Speakeasy-Cats Meow  Tattoo Outfit:Vincue-Roofy+Suit(Candy) Socks:Zenith-BabyDoll Long Socks(Cream)

Dying For A Cupcake

Head:Catwa-Aisha Skin:Pink Fuel-DollV2 Hair:Truth-Ximena Glasses:Luas-Cupcake Glasses(Pink) Necklace:Sweet Thing-Raining Cupcake Necklace T-Shirt:Blueberry-Miki Panties:Wonderlost-Munchies Panties@KinklyMonthly

The World Is Yours

Head:Catwa-Aisha Skin:Pink Fuel-Crystal Doll V2 Hair:Olive-Lullabies(Dark Fades) Nose Chain:Random Matter-Sanza Crop Top:Blueberry-Clare(Add On Sweater) Skeletons:Dirty Stories-Queen Of The Undead Chest Covers Harness:Empire-Amatrix Harness(Upper) Skirt:Tales & Stories-Harness Skirt@Suicide Dollz Shoes:Vale Koer-TippyToe Chucks

I Found Myself

Head: Catwa-Aisha Skin :Egozy-Rose Hair: LittleBones-Freyja Romper:Wonderlost-Betty Romper Rings: Kibitz-Maya Bracelet: Mandala-Pearl rain(Cream/Gold) Feet Wraps(Clouds)-Not Pictured

Born A Sinner

Hello loves, This outfit was spontaneous, and I have to say i love how it came out. When i saw this top at suicide dollz it was a must have. It comes up, how neat is that?   Skin:Egozy-Katniss(Porcelain) Head:Catwa-Aisha Ears:LeMorte-Runa(Black) Drool:Arise-Lip Drool Collar:R3volt-Isobell Collar Top:FnH-Teasy Boob Tube@SuicideDollz Suit:DirtyStories-WildCat Suit@Suicide Dollz Skirt:SU!-HarnessSkirt(05) Shoes:Reign-Zippit Heels

Pity Party

Head:Pulse-Skull Affliction Hair:lovey dovey-Blossom Choker:Joli-Voodoo Choker Outfit:katat0nik-Button Up Romper Bracelet:fanatik-Logo bangle(Fuck You-Rare) Bracelet:Joli-Voodoo Bracelet  Tights:Epoch-Bellatrix Leggings(Crosses) Shoes:Reign- Heart Platforms

Save Me From Myself

I'm late on posting this blog, but its got some awsome stuffs! Hope you enjoy <3
Head:Catwa-Gwen Skin:Egozy-Foxy(Porcelain) Ears:Mandala-Stretched Ears Scarf:Chemical Princess-Scarf(Black) Hair:Tram-F603 Eye Peircing:Eluzion-Cloe Peircing Choker:Joli(Ransom)-Voodoo Choker Shirt:Addams-Pure Li V-neck Long Slevees  Dress:T&S-Funeral Dress@Kinkly Monthly Tights:Abrasive-Basic Leggings Shoes:Fri-Sophie Sandals(Coal)
Pose:Kirin-Awe and wonder Pose3
Taken@Whole Wheat

Beautiful Nightmares

Skin:Egozy-Driana Hickeys:Arise-LoveBites Halo:DRD-Dead Religion Headdress Hair:Magika-Trend Head Accessory: Noodles-Hex Circlet Wings:DirtyStories-Dark Angel Wings Harness:Empire-Amatrix Harness Mini Corset:RealEvilIndustrial-Lux Peircing Corset Wrist/Knee Bows:Muka-Burlesque Bow Shoes:Empire-Clover

It Never Ends

Skin:Egozy-Shenty(Porcelain) Hair:Spellbound-Noir Collar:Kibitz-Leather Collar(Unicorn) Chest Peircing:Pekka-Chest Heart(Silver)[Unavailable]  Nose Peircing:Daze-Anivia Top:Vision-Bustier Vaia Skirt:T&S- Flare Skirt@Kinkly Monthly Tights:Abrasive-Blackout Leggings(Basic) Shoes:Reign-Dare Knee High Boots

The World Is Yours

Hihi, Today is a pretty simple post. Hope you enjoy<3. Photos taken at Beautiful Suicide Slurl below! 

Hair:Damselfly-Scout Skin:Egozy-Rose(Pale) Tattoo:Identity-Drunk Mind Top:Sweet Thing-Minx Cage Bra Shorts:Just Because-Cora Shorts

The Black Canary

Hair:Little Bones-Pia
Skin:Egozy-Katniss(Pale) Tattoo:Speakeasy-Craft Dress:T&S-Magda Dress@Dark Style Fair Shoes:Reign-Promiscuous Over Knee Boots

Never Land

If you know me, you know I love unicorns. Even though this outfit is fairly simple I decided to blog it anyways. Unicorn for life ^-^

Hair:Olive-The Twirl Hair
Skin:Egozy-Katniss Outfit:Enfant Terrible- Vintage Romance Outfit (Rare) Wraps

Cheap Thrills

Bow:DirtyStories-Dirty Emo Bow

Hair:Truth Hair-Tierny
Choker:Joli-Voodoo Choker

Not Enough "Sass"

Hello any and everyone <3. I have a awsome dress from Tales & Stories, today. I put together my outfit around this dress. My tattoo is fully body tattoo meaning a top and bottom portion. Its not a full on tattoo mainly the arms back and legs ^-^. I adore it with this dress. I recently got the new hair from burley it seemed like a good fit for what i was going for. And to tie it all together I threw on my shades. 

Skin:Egozy-Katniss Sunglasses:CandyDoll-Glamour Sunglasses Choker:Joli-Voodoo Tattoo:SpaceMermaid-Shade (LM Soon) Dress:T&S-Gemma  Shoes:Fri-Honey Platforms

Deep In Spirits

So my blogger has been being evil to me lately, and every time i would try to blog it would mess up. Soooo It has taken me awhile to actually release a blog post, but fear not I am back ^-^

Hairband:Dirty Stories-Rose Headband
Head Emerald:Space Mermaid-Third Eye Charm
Collar:Real Evil Industry-Good Kitty Collar
Tattoo:Space Mermaid-Take Me To Church
Top:T&S-Sin Vest
Bottoms:Happy Undead-Mini Skirt
Leg Band:Dirty Stories-Rosally Legband
Shoes:Reign-Promiscuous Over Knee Boots

Rip Your Heart Out

Sooooo I recently got a new sponsor <3 , This time its one of my favorite stores..Space Mermaid Go check it out if you want awesome tattoos. This post is mainly centered around my tatt, its currently available at Lighting The Way Autism event, Go show some support! In this outfit I feel like im channeling the old mimi, Take back my pastels and bright colors and you have the OG Me, Looovee it.
Eyes:Su!-Bleak Eyes(Blind) Hair:LittleBones-Sketch Nose Peircing:Pekka-Nelt Nose Septum(Unavailble) Choker:Joli-Voodoo Choker Bow:DirtyStories-Emo Dirty Hair Bow Tattoo:SpaceMermaid-Bless Your Heart-@Lighting The Way Autism Event  Outfit:Spirit-Lita Shorts & Lita Top@Uber


Salute to me, just kidding. I love this outfit, I wanted to blog this outfit for quite awhile, but I was missing panths, Then dirty stories released these leggings at suicide dollz, and I had to grab em'.
Hair:PinkHustler-8044 Cap:Spellbound-Delta Top:Nana-Nyla(Black) Tattoo:Space Mermaid-Wildflower Bottoms:Dirty Stories-Revenge Leggings @Suicide Dollz


Hair:Beusy-Speed Dial Gloves:RealEvilIndustries-Bow Leather Gloves [Maitreya] Top & Pants:Kitja-Lexi@Uber
Shoes:Vale Koer-Tippy Toe Chucks@Uber

Take A Deep Breathe

Hair:Magika-Thread Choker:Muka-Alia Bow:Muka-Burlesque Bow Outfit:Dead Dollz-Imogen @Shiny Shabby Shoes:Reign-Beary Cozy Slippers