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Rip Your Heart Out

Sooooo I recently got a new sponsor <3 , This time its one of my favorite stores..Space Mermaid Go check it out if you want awesome tattoos. This post is mainly centered around my tatt, its currently available at Lighting The Way Autism event, Go show some support! In this outfit I feel like im channeling the old mimi, Take back my pastels and bright colors and you have the OG Me, Looovee it.
Eyes:Su!-Bleak Eyes(Blind)
Nose Peircing:Pekka-Nelt Nose Septum(Unavailble)
Choker:Joli-Voodoo Choker
Bow:DirtyStories-Emo Dirty Hair Bow
Outfit:Spirit-Lita Shorts & Lita Top@Uber