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A Touch Of Blue

Not much to say about this blog post, This post has been in my drafts for soo long because i got soo busy with sponsor blogs and the holiday i just didnt have time to release it. Plus my computer has been shitty so blogging has been a hassle! But i got it done thanks to some helps <3. I picked up this dress from kustom9 awhile ago..maybe the last one? Not sure, I used muka accessories  to spice it up~ Cause' Who don't like muka? And to finish it all off reign plats. Reign is shoe bae..Okay?
Hair:Magika-Thread Dress:United Colors-Strappy Seamless dress(Light) Blue Collar:Muka-Collar Love Arm Bows:Muka-Burlesque Bow Panties:Maitreya Lara Mesh Panties Shoes:Reign-Dolly Plats

This is Gospel

Just channeling my inner tomboy. Who said I always had to be a kawaii princess?  Anywho I have alot of post this month coming out <3 Sorry, Not sorry. I enjoyed doing this blog post idky it just seemed down to earth to me. I took this photo at my bro house, i figured this would be an awsomesauce place, plus I liked the pigeons. This outfit reminds me of the sonne This Is Gospel by Panic At The Disco for some reason, I dunno...Enjoy <3
Piercing:HebenonVial-Against The Stream 
Outfit:TLB!-Houndstooth Dress@Wash's Cart Sale
Shoes:Reign-Thigh High Sneakers(Spooks-Crosses)

The Last Beat Of My Heart

I gots a new sponsor :3! I absolutely adore her clothes, they are beyond affordable, definitely worth checking out. Below is my cute cozy sweater from Eluzion, i have my magika hair to match with some oh so cute shorts from blueberry, but lets not forget its pretty chilly outside so I had to grab my leggings and boots :3.

Sweater:Eluzion-Anyka Heart
Shorts:Blueberry-Side Tied Shorts(White)
Leggings:Abrasive-Blackout Leggings(Basic)
Shoes:Reign-Devon Boots
Location Damned Divine Homeland City

Bring Me Some Holiday Spirit.

Winter is coming(Well it is)..It doesn't always mean least not for me..So I gets my snow in secondlife. I saw this jacket at a fair (Fameshed to be exact) awhile ago and i loved it, boyfriend loved it so I got it and now here it is. To compliment my lovely jacket i have a cute tiara from pulse, available at On9! Go grab it! Comes in multiple colors. Its been awhile since I collabed with my brother envi, his link to his outfit will be down below as well. We wanted to do  a skate type post together just haven't had time, hope you enjoy ^-^



Tiara:Pulse-Glacia Tiara @On9 

Coat/Dress:Rebel Hope-Charlize Mesh Coat

Skates:N-Core-Skates(Pale Pink)

Envi's Outfit
Location DD's Ice Skating Ring

Simply Meems

Pretty Simple blog post here! But many fairs included. I recently got a new mesh head Stella from lelutka...I'm a mesh head addict >.< Which one is next toooo come <3 Anyways! My hair is the rare hair from spellbound @ The arcade right now. Arcade wont be up too much longer so get in while you can plus its been open for weeks so its easy to enter now! My dress is from my awsome sponsor pulse, The interval collection, it comes with the dress(pictured) Earmuffs and leg warmers, many different colors to choose from now @ Frost. To tie my cute outfit together I threw on my chic booties and socks from reign~ 

Outfit Hair:Spellbound-Blizzard(Rare) @ The Arcade
Sweater Dress:Pulse-Interval Collection Dress@Frost
Shoes:Reign-Kaylee Booties

Photo Taken @ Damned Divine's Land

Black Dahlia

Hair:Truth Hair-Delphine Collar:TLB!-Anya Neck Corset @Gothic Holiday Event Dress:TLB!-Anya Dress@Gothic Holiday Event  Boots:Reign- Photo Taken @ Damned Divine Homeland

Modern War Child

Awsome goodies from pulse Availible at tottaly top sehlf and winter trend. This horn necklace comes in multiple colors, aswell as the icelyn shoes. Check out the links below to go gets em

Hair:Envogue-Gisselle  Necklace:Pulse-Horns of Krampus@ Totally TopShelf. Dress:Blueberry-Blogger Exclusive Dress Shoes:Pulse-Icelyn @Winter Trend Fair

Photo taken @ DD(Damned Divine) Classroom.

Summer come back...Please?

Short & Simple is where it I love this jacket from TLB! This hoodie comes with a hud I chose to go with the "Im so freaking cold" because i'm a freeze baby! Todays the last day for the thrift shop! Get it while you canI hate all types of cold Anyways..Enjoy <3

Hair:Truth Hair-Halston Jacket:TLB-Monochrome Hoodie @Thrift Shop Jeans: Addams- Lixie Ripped Super Skinny Jeans Shoes: Reign- Blythe Plats

I'll Show You

I love doing collabs with my bro, For his outfit click the link below~ My outfit was inspired by justin bieber(Sorry Bieb Haters) song I''ll show you. Lately I been loving his music so I made a female version of hims! Hope you loves it <3

Hair:[Ra]-Nadya @hairtology Top:Pixicat-London Top (White) Tights:Erratic-Melissa Leggings @ Collab88 Shoes:Flite-Vaders(Snow)
Link To Envi's Blog~

Crazy Bitch

Hey Hey ladies, The Thrift shop is still open :O Go Checks it outs Before the end of the month! Pulse Top Comes in many different colors~. I chose red cause i was feeling dangerous..What will you choose?
Hair:Envogue-Giselle @Hairtology Top:Pulse-Dahlia Noir(red) @The Thrift Shop Bracelet-Kibitz-Chara Bangles  Pelvis Piercing: Pekka- Geni Diamond [Unavailable] Shorts:Just Because-Cora

Never Too Late For Halloween

Hellos ladies! Heres some awsome gifts brought to you by the little bat. Available at Carver's End. Ends the 21st so get too it :3!

Hair:Truth-Nayeli Necklace:TLB-Haunted Necklace(Purple) Dress:TLB-Halloween Dress Shoes:TLB-Trick Or Treat Heels Purple

Carver's End Hunt

Snuggle Me Tight

Today's post is mainly centered around events that's currently around. Firstly Collab88, Collab88 theme is sweater weather this month, I got the opportunity to snag this cute little sweater and leggings . My Hair is from the event Hairtolgy, IPf you love hair this is the place to goo, I'm in love with beanie hair <3 Enjoy.

Hair:PinkHustler-8109 @Hairtology
Sweater:Erratic-Shannon Sweater @Collab88
Tights:Erratic-Mellisa Leggings @Collab88
Shoes:The Secret Store-Flamel Boots

A Touch Of An Angel

The fantasy Gacha is open! Don't miss out on your chance to get some cool fantasy stuffs~ This outfit made me feel so pretty I adore it, Love Zenith 100%!  Hair:Blues-Tygerlily  Head Wings:Zenith-Guardian Of The Stars Wings(Cream)@Fantasy Gacha Fair Wings:Zenith- Guardian Of The Stars Wings(Cream)@Fantasy Gacha Fair Outfit:Zenith-Guardian Of The Stars Dress(Rose) @Fantasy Gacha Fair Arms:Zenith-Guardian Of The Stars Arms(Rose) @Fantasy Gacha Fair Shoes:Zenith-Guardian Of The Stars boots(Gold) @Fantasy Gacha Fair

Natural Born Star

Alrighty Ladies^-^ Suicide Dollz is now open again! go check it out and get these awsome items from pulse. The Dress/Leg straps in multiple colors, Black,Pink,Purple, Brown, Red, and Teal.

Hair:Spellbound-Noir Harness:Spellbound-Cult Harness Dress:Pulse-Buzzy Dress @ Suicide Dollz Leg Harness:Pulse-Buzzy Leg Straps @ Suicide Dollz Shoes:Reign-Zippit Heels

Just Another Sinner

Hellos! I recently got a new sponsor, I would like to thank the creator of TLB for noticing/accepting me. This Post is centered around TLB(The little Bat) Outfit. I don't normally wear green, but this is cutes! For my hair im actually wearing two hairs, One is the hair itself and the other is the hair thats made into a bow, I gots that part of another hair^^ Same store though. Hope you likes~

Hair:PH-8068 HairBow:PH-8044 Scarf:Delirium Style-Unisex Scarf Outifit:!Tlb-Envy Corset & Skirt @The Sinister Goth's Sinners Hunt Socks:Muka-Garter Socks

The Demons Within

Hellos its been awhile since I did a collab with my bro Envi (His Blog Link Below). I love our outfits, My outfit was originally for my clan dance/ball but heh ^-^. Our pictures were taken at our clan zombie sim. [DD Haunted Halloween]. Check it out! Lots to doo,Slurl below

DD Haunted Halloween Envi's Blog
Hair:Spellbound-Sacred Rite
Horns:CX-Hundred Chain Horns
Dress:Just Because-CrissCross
Tail:CX-Bone Tail
Shoes:Reign-Slayer Wedges

Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather! Hellos everyone! I named this blog sweater weather because its just that time of year. Fall! The season for the cute sweaters or the cardigans, tights, leggings,jeans, etc. In this blog im rocking the cuteee Sweater and leggins by erratic~ Currently @ Uber(Slurl below), Got my sexy slayer wedges on, With my beanie hair to tie it all together. Enjoy ^-^

Slurls Uber
Skin:Alterego-Maliyah(Havana) Hair:Spellbound-Bramble Choker:Joli-Voodoo Choker Sweater:Erratic-Ava Sweater @Uber Tights:Erratic-Meg Leggings @Uber Shoes:Reign-Slayer Wedges
Social Media Facebook: Flickr: Google+:

Blow Me

Skin:Glam Affair-Lara(Petal) Hair:Exile-Never Time At All Head Piece:Pulse-Elvira Skull & Roses Headband (Black/Rare) @Freak Show Gacha Carnival Collar:Pulse-Trap Collar& Skeleton Hand (Bone/Rare)@Freak Show Gacha Carnival Tattoo:Speakeasy-Sweet Violence Nip Covers:Dirty Stories-Orphelia Rose Nipple Covers Panties:Muka-Wicca Thong Socks:Muka-Thigh Socks(Patterns)
Props Balloon:Titzuki-Offensive Balloon(Blow Me)@The Season Story

Shatter Me

Hellos lovelies, so my post has been slowly decreasing lately but thats because im sick plus homework. Anyways im going to try to do more detailed blogs whenever I don't post alot. Soo Pulse have this collection of skull head wear. They are to die for literally(heh). So I evolved my whole outfit around my lil head skull :3 Hope You Enjoy.
Skin:Glam Affair-Lara(Petal) Head Accessory:Pulse-Skull Affliction Hair Accessory
Necklace:Dirty Stories-Akashi Necklace Hair:Truth Hair-Olinda Tattoo:Urban Street- Dirty Broken Tattoo@SuicideDollz Outfit:DirtyStories- Queen Of The Dead Leg Wrap:Dirty Stories-Rosally Legband Shoes:Reign-Lizzy Boots

As The Wind Blows

My comp has been quite mean to me lately,but i made it work. So I have some more goodies from Pulse ^-^ This cute unicorn horn. If you know me i'm a unicorn always been always will be. So i'm in love with this head piece Go get it  @ The Pastel Goth Fair (Slurl below).  I tied it all together from a awsome dress from pixicat this version of the dress animates;the clouds moves.  Skin:Glam Affair Lara(Petal) Head Piece: Pulse-Dita Gothica Unicorn & Roses Headband @ The Pastel Goth Fair Hair: Exile-Rain or Shine Dress:Pixicat-Dreamy Dress(Cloud version) Feet/Arm bands: Muka-Rosa

Barbie Girl

Pretty in pink! Letting out my inner mean girl :3. I have this cutee vest from pixicat Shorts from just because. If you haven't been to just because you should check it out. Clothing fitted for mesh bodies Loveeee it. Shoes from reign ofc. I know I wear reign shoes alot, but its my favorite shoe store along with flite. Enjoy <3

Hair:Truth Hair-Emerson
Nose:Random Matter-Sanza Nose Chain
Necklace:Pekka-My Little Bow Necklace(Rare)
Top:Pixicat-Vibrant Vest(Pink)
Bottoms:Just Because-Cora Shorts
Shoes:Reign-Bow Pumps


Her Stud Muffin

Okey so the popup gacha opens tomorrow(10/10/2015) and here is a shirt from there. The rare is a hud with all the textures, and the common is the other shirts with different textures on them. The popup gacha supports the LGBT community, Go Check it outs

Skin:Glam Affair-Lara (petal)
Hair:Lelutka-Emeli  Piercing:Pekka-Unseen Shirt:Oh Oh 7even-Popup GachaLGBT (Rare)@Popup Gacha Pants:Blueberry-Jinx Shoes:ReignxFlite-Taylers

What Do You Mean?

Skin:Alterego-Maliyah(Havana) Hair:Spellbound-Salome Collar:R3volt-Isobell Top:Foxes-Throw Back Tee Bottoms:Delirium Style-Baggy Shorts Shoes:Flite-Kingz


Hello all ^-^, I'm currently blogging for the Curvilicious fair(Slurl below). For this blog post im blogging CR Designz Crushed Nori outfit with a pair of Pixicat pants. I really love this outfit its casual but sexy at the same time! To tie it all together im wearing reign shoes(ofc..Cause' I love reign). 
Skin:Alterego-Maliyah(Brown Sugar) Hair:Exile-Rise Above Top:CR Designz-Simply Crushed Nori @Curvilicious Fair Pants:Pixicat-Biker Pants Shoes:Reign-Slayer Wedges

Graceful Warrior

So I recently got a new sponsor >Pulse<.This outfit is all circled around Pulse's Volt outfit. Available now @ The Mainstore (Slurl Below).The Volt Collection comes with my outfit and the bracelets and ;It comes in many different colors Black,Blue,Red,Brown,& White. Another piece from pulse is my chest piercing.  In this outfit I truly feel like a graceful warrior .

Skin:Alterego-Maliyah(Brown Sugar) Ears:Mandala-Fantasy Elf Ears Hair:Spellbound-Warrior Nose:Random Matter-Harvester Outfit:Pulse-Volt Outfit Bracelet: Pulse-Volt Studds Bracelets  Chest Peircing:Pulse-Nocturne Chest Piercing(Onyx) Shoes: Reign- Ballerina Warmers

Ghost Town~

I decided to go back to my dark roots with this outfit. I went out of my comfort zone and wore purple hair. I wanted to take a risk this time. My nose chain I had forever~ My sweater is at suicide dollz (Link Below) I love abrasive pants They make my butt look nice <3

Skin:Alterego-Lydia(Almond) Hair:Clawtooth-Hairspray Baby Nose Chain:Kio kio-Abandoned Chained Rings:Izzie-Celesttial Midi Rings Top:Nana-Kali Skull Sweater@Suicide Dollz Bottom:Abrasive-Strap Leggings(Tattered) Shoes:ReignxFlite:Classics(Black Leather)