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A Touch Of Blue

Not much to say about this blog post, This post has been in my drafts for soo long because i got soo busy with sponsor blogs and the holiday i just didnt have time to release it. Plus my computer has been shitty so blogging has been a hassle! But i got it done thanks to some helps <3. I picked up this dress from kustom9 awhile ago..maybe the last one? Not sure, I used muka accessories  to spice it up~ Cause' Who don't like muka? And to finish it all off reign plats. Reign is shoe bae..Okay?

Dress:United Colors-Strappy Seamless dress(Light) Blue
Collar:Muka-Collar Love
Arm Bows:Muka-Burlesque Bow
Panties:Maitreya Lara Mesh Panties
Shoes:Reign-Dolly Plats