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A Touch Of Blue

Not much to say about this blog post, This post has been in my drafts for soo long because i got soo busy with sponsor blogs and the holiday i just didnt have time to release it. Plus my computer has been shitty so blogging has been a hassle! But i got it done thanks to some helps <3. I picked up this dress from kustom9 awhile ago..maybe the last one? Not sure, I used muka accessories  to spice it up~ Cause' Who don't like muka? And to finish it all off reign plats. Reign is shoe bae..Okay?
Hair:Magika-Thread Dress:United Colors-Strappy Seamless dress(Light) Blue Collar:Muka-Collar Love Arm Bows:Muka-Burlesque Bow Panties:Maitreya Lara Mesh Panties Shoes:Reign-Dolly Plats

This is Gospel

Just channeling my inner tomboy. Who said I always had to be a kawaii princess?  Anywho I have alot of post this month coming out <3 Sorry, Not sorry. I enjoyed doing this blog post idky it just seemed down to earth to me. I took this photo at my bro house, i figured this would be an awsomesauce place, plus I liked the pigeons. This outfit reminds me of the sonne This Is Gospel by Panic At The Disco for some reason, I dunno...Enjoy <3
Piercing:HebenonVial-Against The Stream 
Outfit:TLB!-Houndstooth Dress@Wash's Cart Sale
Shoes:Reign-Thigh High Sneakers(Spooks-Crosses)

The Last Beat Of My Heart

I gots a new sponsor :3! I absolutely adore her clothes, they are beyond affordable, definitely worth checking out. Below is my cute cozy sweater from Eluzion, i have my magika hair to match with some oh so cute shorts from blueberry, but lets not forget its pretty chilly outside so I had to grab my leggings and boots :3.

Sweater:Eluzion-Anyka Heart
Shorts:Blueberry-Side Tied Shorts(White)
Leggings:Abrasive-Blackout Leggings(Basic)
Shoes:Reign-Devon Boots
Location Damned Divine Homeland City

Bring Me Some Holiday Spirit.

Winter is coming(Well it is)..It doesn't always mean least not for me..So I gets my snow in secondlife. I saw this jacket at a fair (Fameshed to be exact) awhile ago and i loved it, boyfriend loved it so I got it and now here it is. To compliment my lovely jacket i have a cute tiara from pulse, available at On9! Go grab it! Comes in multiple colors. Its been awhile since I collabed with my brother envi, his link to his outfit will be down below as well. We wanted to do  a skate type post together just haven't had time, hope you enjoy ^-^



Tiara:Pulse-Glacia Tiara @On9 

Coat/Dress:Rebel Hope-Charlize Mesh Coat

Skates:N-Core-Skates(Pale Pink)

Envi's Outfit
Location DD's Ice Skating Ring

Simply Meems

Pretty Simple blog post here! But many fairs included. I recently got a new mesh head Stella from lelutka...I'm a mesh head addict >.< Which one is next toooo come <3 Anyways! My hair is the rare hair from spellbound @ The arcade right now. Arcade wont be up too much longer so get in while you can plus its been open for weeks so its easy to enter now! My dress is from my awsome sponsor pulse, The interval collection, it comes with the dress(pictured) Earmuffs and leg warmers, many different colors to choose from now @ Frost. To tie my cute outfit together I threw on my chic booties and socks from reign~ 

Outfit Hair:Spellbound-Blizzard(Rare) @ The Arcade
Sweater Dress:Pulse-Interval Collection Dress@Frost
Shoes:Reign-Kaylee Booties

Photo Taken @ Damned Divine's Land

Black Dahlia

Hair:Truth Hair-Delphine Collar:TLB!-Anya Neck Corset @Gothic Holiday Event Dress:TLB!-Anya Dress@Gothic Holiday Event  Boots:Reign- Photo Taken @ Damned Divine Homeland

Modern War Child

Awsome goodies from pulse Availible at tottaly top sehlf and winter trend. This horn necklace comes in multiple colors, aswell as the icelyn shoes. Check out the links below to go gets em

Hair:Envogue-Gisselle  Necklace:Pulse-Horns of Krampus@ Totally TopShelf. Dress:Blueberry-Blogger Exclusive Dress Shoes:Pulse-Icelyn @Winter Trend Fair

Photo taken @ DD(Damned Divine) Classroom.