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Same Old Love

Goodies from Uber,OMGacha, & Suicide Dollz. Okays so holidays are over! I  gots a new computer time to start releasing my blogs  again. Before the new years my blog reach 3k views...That may not be alot to you, but its alot to me and I would like to thank My awsome sponsors and the people who take time to look at my blog and share/like/+1 it. Thanks alot!

Nose Peircing:TLB-Winged Septum@SuicideDollz
Necklace:TLB-Lunar Necklace Gacha(Ash) @OMGacha
Jacket/Top:Bueno-Testify Jacket@Uber
Backpack:Riske-Bomber Steampunk Backpack
Shoes:Reign-Slayer Wedges